Very interesting review. ), but they also come packed with newly designed features to give you even more value for money. Being primarily a bass player, I discovered many years ago that having a Jazz Bass in your arsenal can only be a good thing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It basically is a reissue of a mid sixties Fender Strat with great quality, but built to a very attractive price point. We love a new product announcement ... We take a look at the all-new Fender Vintera Series Guitars from Ensenada, Mexico to find out more about them. The neck is similar to the Classic Vibe profile, but I wonder if it feels just a tiny bit fatter. I’ll certainly be keeping them in case I miss them later on down the road. Cool vintage-flavoured tones. With their modern “C”-shaped neck profiles and 9.5” fingerboard radiuses, these instruments are comfortable to play regardless of your playstyle. The classic vibe has been extensively modified too, by me and I am not a luthier by trade. I wired a 4-way switch to give me the following selections: Before I changed the wiring, what I can say about the pickup combinations that I sacrificed were that they won’t disappoint any player who is in the market for this guitar and likes to use those settings. Customers can also leave a comment to report on their shopping experience. The maple fingerboard is great (I prefer maple to rosewood for feel). Get the guaranteed best price on Solid Body Electric Guitars like the Squier Classic Vibe '70s Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar at Musician's Friend. This is why we have included the Squier Classic Vibe 70s Stratocaster Laurel Fingerboard Olympic White. SQUIER CLASSIC VIBE '70S JAZZ BASS V NATURAL MN. One cosmetic modification I will make will be to add a single-ply. The idea behind the Classic Vibe Series was simple: provide a range of affordable instruments based on classic Fender designs, that combine great sound, vintage looks, and unbeatable value. The slim "C"-shaped neck profile gives you a comfortable and fast playing feel. Guitare électrique SQUIER by FENDER FSR Classic Vibe … by Basse électrique SQUIER de la série Classic Vibe modèle Jazz Bass® '70s - modèle 5 cordes Corps : Erable léger Manche : Erable, ... Avis (0) 449.00€ Stock Internet : En stock. The Squier Classic Vibe guitars have proven to stand the test of time. But, why should you play one? I have a Custom Shop Fender and have played mostly USA made and real vintage guitars most of my playing life (26 years to date) and I do not feel that the current Squier range are a let down in any way. This is a bone of contention among many players, that these budget instruments can be a let-down because of the cheaper hardware installed being determined by lower costs of manufacture. Stratocaster 6 cordes Corps Peuplier Manche Érable Diapason 25,5" (648 mm) Micros SSS Fender . Learn how your comment data is processed. The Squier Classic Vibe '60s Stratocaster is yet another model from Squier's recent Classic Vibe series that has been such a hit with musicians since its inception. black pickguard as I prefer the simpler lines of that compared to the 3-ply black-white-black format. My initial expectation before the guitar arrived would be that the nut would need replacing with something like a Graphtech, but so far I see no need to change it – If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it” as they say. In this way, consumers give each other guidance and give us the opportunity to continuously improve. Fiche produit. Squier Classic Vibe 70s Telecaster Custom MN 3-Colour Sunburst, Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz Bass Laurel FB Daphne Blue, Squier Classic Vibe 70s Stratocaster Laurel Fingerboard Olympic White, Squier Classic Vibe 70s Jaguar IL Surf Green, Squier Classic Vibe 60s Precision Bass IL 3-Colour Sunburst, Promotions, Competitions, Events & Offers, 5 Reasons To Play A 2019 Squier Classic Vibe Guitar. The Classic Vibe ‘70s Telecaster® Custom is a faithful nod to the 1970s evolution of the Tele®, creating incredible tone courtesy of the Fender-Designed alnico single-coil and Wide Range humbucking pickups. Ses caractéristiques conviviales pour les joueurs comp Squier Classic Vibe '70s Telecaster Thinline Maple FB Natural Electric Guitar . If you can't stretch to the Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster, this is definitely the guitar to buy. I have long been a dedicated fan of the Fender Stratocaster. Versatile, comfortable to play, and with an array of articulate tones suited to most music styles, they’re the workhorses of the bass-playing world. We look at the differences between the Fender Precision Bass and the Fender Jazz Bass, so you can make the right choice for your sound As I mentioned this in the introduction, I felt like it also deserved an honourable mention in my Top Picks list. I’ve always been drawn to Telecasters in terms of looks, but for me, you can’t beat the tones generated by the “Wide Range” humbucker sitting in the neck pickup position. Hi, this review really helps a lot. There’s a huge range of cheap electric ... Read our Guide to Fender Jaguar, Jazzmaster & Mustang offset-body guitars so you can choose the right option. The frets are all finished perfectly, no sharp edges. Departments > Guitars > Electric Guitars > Electric 6 String > Squier > Classic Vibe '70s Stratocaster, Laurel Fingerboard - Natural. Couleur: VOIR TOUT. Very nice frets and one of the first guitars that I could get the intonation bang on 440 all the way up the neck. The finish of this guitar is excellent. It’s nimble, smooth to play and the whole guitar feels like it’s working with me rather than against me. From the all-new alnico pickups and Wide Range humbuckers to the bridges, machine heads, and control pot knobs – it’s all Fender-designed. Not a big deal really, unless this was  $2000 custom shop guitar! My first electric guitar was a USA Standard Strat in 1988 and it is that guitar on which I taught myself to play. Nut Material: Synthetic B… On the whole the Toneriders seem less mid-scooped, so they sound fuller without really being high-output. However, after thinking long and hard about it, I’ve come up with my 5 top picks from the range (plus one honourable mention), based upon my own personal preferences. Superb neck (we even get some figure). Returned, and replaced with a new '70s VM Strat seen above instead. The Squier Classic Vibe line-up is Squier’s most prestigious lineup. Also it is possible to buy a solid steel block and fit to the existing bridge, or a whole new bridge assembly for relatively little money. In addition to this, the lower-bout cutaways on each instrument grants you easy access to the neck’s upper frets, whilst the Narrow Tall fret types give you great finger control, and allow you to add inflections ranging from smooth vibrato through to big, bluesy bends to your playing with ease. I currently have Tonerider Alnico II Blues in both my Strats and I like those a lot. Well, i played classical guitar for 1yr and 4 months and got the guitar for about 3-4 months (my very 1st electric guitar). However when it comes to my guitar I like it to be bright. Neck Finish: Satin Urethane 5. Hi Mike, After having used the guitar in most situations now: Home playing, rehearsal and live performance with my band I can honestly say that the stock, Duncan Design SC101 pickups are fantastic. JUST MISSED IT! The rosewood is very light on it but no big deal. The guitar is amazing for the price. Alerte prix. I produce music and in general I like a warm, rounded overall sound reminiscent of the days of vinyl. They appear to be small splashes of black paint that must have got onto the neck before finishing, because they are under the lacquer. the 70s especially. Squier’s prestigious Classic Vibe line-up was first introduced to the world in 2008, and were quickly established as some of the finest models the company had ever produced. I’m afraid that I might lose the mojo that these pickups have if I do though. I am familiar with most of the Fender and Seymour Duncan strat pickups – if that helps…. The stock pickups are good and the pots and switches all perform as they should. 3 models to choose from: Online Add to Cart. Well to be fair, my USA Custom Shop Strat needs a bit of work. Squier Classic Vibe Series Review. I can equally appreciate a traditional Strat tone or something that sounds very unlike a typical Strat, … Before I go into the sounds from this guitar I will mention again that I rewired this thing almost as soon as I got it; not because I was unhappy with it, but because I am not a big fan of some of the typical Strat sounds – namely the neck+middle (my least favourite) and the middle by itself (I don’t mind it, but hardly ever use it). Read our best guitar starter kits blog as these guitar starter packs are ideal if you want to start making noise or learn guitar! These 2019 Squier guitars manage to take that budget-friendly reputation they’ve earned over the decades, and easily bump it up a notch or two into much more prestigious territory. Kind of Hendrix/Gilmour/Beatles/Blues/Classic Rock/a little alternative/jangly rock. So the latest addition to my Strat family is the Squier Vintage Modified 70s Strat. Both are excellent value for money. This "C" shaped neck is very comfortable and easy to play. The neck features a 25.5 inch scale and thanks to the cut away in the body, its easy to get around the 21 fret maple board. I got it for $225 Canadian off Kijijii and am amazed. La 70 Stratocaster reprend traits pour traits la tête de manche mythique des Stratocaster de l'époque ainsi que le profile de manche. So in this list we've included the Squier Classic Vibe 60s Precision Bass IL 3-Colour Sunburst. As mentioned, I love the neck – it seems larger than most these days and I like that. They are absolutely fantastic sounding pickups to my ears. it’s easier to take treble away than to add it and a guitar needs to have a certain amount of twang in order to convey it’s rock ‘n’ roll attitude. I guess this is true depending on the kind of player you are and how fussy you are about certain details. Fender Squier Classic Vibe '70s Stratocaster (Olympic White) ... With the customer reviews of Trusted Shops it is possible to award stars for delivery, condition of the goods and customer service. Are they that much worse though? This might just be the best kept secret in the guitar world, almost. It could probably feel better than it does if I got a professional to take care of it. In addition to the basic model, the Classic Vibe Stratocaster ‘70s model features the same great Duncan Designed pickups, basswood body, maple neck, and Stratocaster electronics, but there are a few key differences. I’m tempted to try an SSL5 in the bridge position of one of my Strats to see how I’d get on with it though. So all in all. The VM 70s Strat is well worth the money in my opinion whether you leave it stock or if you want to use it as a mod. I use 010-046 on it. These guitars are cheap, but only when it comes to their asking price. The setup was perfect out of the box and I have not needed to adjust the setup yet. 1. Buy Squier 0374023506 Classic Vibe 70s Stratocaster HSS, Maple Fingerboard, Black w/: Solid Body - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Ses caractéristiques sympathiques pour les joueurs comprennent un profil de cou mince et conforcorps en forme de «C» avec une touche de 9,5 pouces facile à jouer et des frettes étroites. Since I’m on a tight budget, I think I will just go with the vintage modified. Squier Classic Vibe '70s Stratocaster, Laurel Fingerboard - Natural. Here is a detailed breakdown of what it has delivered so far, what I have subjected it too and the verdict. I listen a lot of blues ( Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton) and some Deep Purple stuff, is this a suitable guitar for these kind of genre? I’m sure if I were to get Kinman Woodstocks I’d be very happy, but they cost as much, if not more than the guitar itself! Maybe I’m just lucky in that they speak to my inner tone freak! Links earn me commission, which keeps the site running. It is a solid guitar and very well built. All rights reserved. Shares. I’m not sure I’ve sampled enough Strat pickups to really know what to advise. Yes, the vibrato block under the bridge is of far less mass than an Original Fender and of a cheap alloy rather than solid steel, which does play some part in the quality of the tone, but tone is subjective anyway. You could walk out of the store with this guitar and take it straight to a gig, no problem. Somedays I prefer the CV60s, some days I prefer the VM70s. The tuning stability out of the box may not be as good if you use the vibrato more than a little, but again, a setup by somebody who knows what they’re doing and that imbalance can be accounted for too. Get a … Produits similaires: 58 Stratocaster Squier 137 Guitares électriques Squier. Want it to be clear, but not overly bright but also not too dark (as when pickups get output that is too high – then you lose that Stratty character and the sound gets darker and becomes more like a Gibson/humbucker sound….which I don’t want). Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. Évolution du prix. I’m considering putting noiseless pickups in this guitar to overcome bad-grounding and other noise issues in most venues that I get to play. Like with the above-mentioned Stratocaster, no list of Fender-designed instruments would be complete without the inclusion of a P-Bass. I imagine they won’t be for everybody because as we all know – tone is subjective. It looks beautiful, it sounds world-class and it plays like a guitar that I would expect to cost at least 3 times as much. Get the Latest Rob C Album or the whole Discography, Review: Squier Vintage Modified 70s stratocaster, Enter Your Email to Join the Mailing List. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. This means that not only do these instruments feel and play more like a genuine Fender than previous models, but they’re also packed full of that familiar vintage Fender sound, with all of the sparkle and nuances that we’ve come to know and love. So, ... Fender reveal a new range of guitar effects pedals, the return of the Tone Master amps & Squier Starcaster guitars. Seul détail, et qui a son importance, son corps en peuplier la rend super légère ! Squier Classic Vibe '70s Telecaster Thinline Maple FB 3-Colour Sunburst Electric Guitar . In addition to the more traditional Strat’s and Tele’s on offer, the 2019 Classic Vibe line-up also boasts a whole host of new faces, many of which will be familiar to the casual player, but some of which may not be. Well... more than just a bit. Here are the specifications of the Squier Affinity Stratocaster as listed on the official Fender website. No, really! I just purchased a Squire VM 70s Strat – White vintage. My first electric guitar was a USA Standard Strat in 1988 and it is that guitar on which I taught myself to play. Squier Classic Vibe '70s Stratocaster - Natural | Sweetwater Featuring high-quality Poplar bodies – tonally similar to the Alder used on their more expensive brethren – with Maple necks, a choice between Maple and Indian Laurel for the fingerboards, and a whole host of Fender Designed appointments, hardware and electronics, these instruments are made to appeal to players from all walks of life. In my opinion, the main difference between the expensive guitars and the budget ones nowadays is the wow factor of the finish, not even the finish itself – but more a question how expensive it actually looks and feels. I am a tweaker, so I have already rewired my Vintage Modified Strat because I like to play around with switching options. Neck Shape: “C” Shape 6. Shop for the 2019 Squier Classic Vibe series at PMT Online today, or call into one of our 15 Stores Nationwide and try one out for yourself – you won’t regret it! Featuring that classic 3-pickup range of single-coil tones, a sleek and comfortable neck, and a stunning Olympic White finish that contrasts perfectly with the faux tortoiseshell pickguard, this 2019 Classic Vibe Squier Stratocaster would make a perfect first gigging guitar. CONTACT FOR ORDERS [email protected] Or Call 08 8371 1884. platform. The nut seems to be cut to perfection and there is no binding on any of the strings. Cons The scratchplate is too thick. This is going to be a roundabout sort of review because my purchase of this guitar has a bit of a story to it. JUST MISSED IT! Right now the Vintage Modified 70s Strat is the nicest guitar to play of the three Strats I have. Classic Vibe '70s Stratocaster. After a few weeks of playing this guitar and with the novelty of having a new guitar lessened, it’s time to objectively assess how this guitar plays. A tip of the hat to the large-headstock Strat® models produced in the 1970s, the Classic Vibe ‘70s Stratocaster creates incredible tone courtesy of a trio of Fender-Designed alnico single-coil pickups. Although they’re often the most expensive type of amp, not all valve amplifiers cost a fortune. Secondly, the Squier classic vibe strat 50s electric guitar neck is made from maple and screwed to the body. With the Squier Classic Vibe guitar line-up though, that’s not the case. I recorded it direct to my Boss BR900CD using COSMs and it really did a wonderful job – which is great for my wife – no noise from an amp. The bridge pickup is not really high output, but it is a medium-wound set. Neck Scale Length: 25.5” (648 mm) 7. The neck also features a vintage-tinted gloss finish for an … This instrument is ideal for guitarists wanting to make the transition to bass a little smoother, or someone just looking to add a little extra tonal colour to their band’s overall sound – and let’s be honest, it looks incredible too. However, the setup VM Strat remains untouched since I took it out of the box on delivery day, so that is testament to how this guitar comes as standard. We take a look at 11 cheap electric guitars that don’t suck  -  budget-friendly can still mean high quality! £279; €339; $579.99; By Simon Bradley 20 October 2008. this review was very helpful, im thinking of getting this guitar, I like the fat headstock and the all black colour, thanks for the review. I assumed they would be adequate at best before I took delivery of the guitar, so I was quite impressed when I first plugged it in and it sounded pretty good. Featuring that classic 3-pickup range of single-coil tones, a sleek and comfortable neck, and a stunning Olympic White finish that contrasts perfectly with the faux tortoiseshell pickguard, this 2019 Classic Vibe Squier Stratocaster would make a perfect first gigging guitar. Overall I am extremely impressed with this guitar – stays in tune great as well. SQUIER FSR CLASSIC VIBE '50S ESQUIRE BUTTERSCOTCH BLONDE MN. Our Verdict. CONTACT FOR ORDERS [email protected] Or Call 08 8371 1884. Bridge, middle and neck pickups are a bit noisy so I may switch out the bridge for a humbucker (they are precut to do that) just so when distorted it is noiseless. I’m looking for a sound that is very “stratty” but maybe a little hotter than vintage output. I do, however love the neck+bridge together, using that for most of my clean tones and spending almost the rest of any given performance on the bridge pickup. Fingerboard Radius: 9.5” (241 mm) 9. The only visible flaws I can detect are two, tiny black specks on the neck: One on the headstock and one on the last fret, near the neck pickup. $669. Fret Size: Medium Jumbo 11. Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s review. What I find with these pickups is that they are quite bright, but not ice-pick harsh at all. I bought the Strat to try and learn a little lead guitar. I have both. Metal and very high gain is not my thing! Being a gigging musician, I can tell you I have had zero issues using these guitars in a live situation over the years. However, when you factor in the quality you’re getting, both in terms of construction and tone, you’ll see that they would also make an ideal first gigging guitar for an aspiring pro that’s looking to upgrade, or even a perfect backup guitar for an experienced professional. Les Classic Vibes de Squier sont des rééditions de modèles Fender les plus convoités. We all know that the Fender Squier series is a great start for beginners, but what about intermediate guitar players? I have stripped the original lacquer off the Classic Vibe and it was very thick, so maybe that is the difference I am sensing! It certainly has the output of a humbucker. What makes a '50s Classic Vibe Stratocaster a '50s? Copyright 2020 — ROB C MUSIC. Classic Vibe 70s Stratocaster Black - Squier Guitare Stratocaster. Fiche produit. The '50s is the only model with a pine body, single piece all-maple neck and circle string retainer on the headstock. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The best style tuning pegs ever invented (in my opinion) make this a breeze to change strings and holds tuning properly. The Squiers, don’t look as expensive or feel as expensive, but once recorded or coming through a PA, they sound like equally adept guitars, because the end result is that if a guitar is playable and inspires you to play your best, it’ll sound great. I love lightweight guitars and I was under the impression that Basswood (which this Vintage Modified Strat is made of) was lighter than the Alder that the Classic Vibe is made of. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that if you were to play one whilst blindfolded, and then asked you to hazard a guess as to how much it would cost, you’d be above the mark by several hundred £’s. Great review! I would never put it as dramatically as that. Hope this information all helps. With a price point at $449.99, the Squier by Fender Classic Vibe '70s Telecaster Custom MN 3TS is a good choice. In-Store Pick Up in Store. It’s not worth spending too much on new pickups. This is why we have included the Squier Classic Vibe 70s Stratocaster Laurel Fingerboard Olympic White. Every component included in the 2019 Squier Classic Vibe range has been designed by Fender. In my experience with two Squier Strats now, that is not the case. There are also the '60s and '70s models. Not traded out. Too warm and it’s jazz, which is nice if you’re a jazz player, but I am no jazz player! Squier Classic Vibe. It has plenty of bite and clarity and not harsh at all (due to the alnico II poles I imagine). The body finish is beautiful – glossy black with a black pickguard. Thanks! This Indonesian-manufactured guitar is very-well made and has no function-inhibiting issues. Once I got it home, I plugged it in checked it out – I sanded the back of the neck to get rid of the gloss (not very much, just a little with 1000 grit paper) and now it feels better to me. Posted Jul 26, 2016 07:41 AM . I prefer them to the pickups that came stock in my Classic Vibe 60s Strat.
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